Adam Moreau "Beast" (a_beast_within) wrote in disney_high_ooc,
Adam Moreau "Beast"

So, you've come to stare at the Beast, have you?

*Waves.* Hello all! Time for another OOC introduction. I'm Shade, and currently only playing this grumpy fellow here, which seems to make me the oddball out around here, although I am sorely tempted to pick up Genie. Love this idea soooo very much and have been bouncing off the walls nonstop because of it. Just a quick heads up, I know sometimes my tagging seems to lag. It's usually because I'm off in another comm, since I am the main mod for two others, so know I will eventually get around to it. :D If anyone wants to plot or just chat, you can find me on AIM at the username unlimitedbytime. I promise, I don't bite unlike my muse.
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