Felicity "City" Essman (whatshedidwrong) wrote in disney_high_ooc,
Felicity "City" Essman

I... Have no graphics. Just words.

I figure OOC intros gotta start with somebody, right? Well, okay, Gwen covered itntroducing herself, too, but it's gotta be continued by somebody as well.


So hey all. I'm Kabby, aka the neurotic girl. Um... I play City (Mittens) here, Kim Possible, Terri (Terk), New (Nuka), and Wilbur Robinson... With at least one character in the wings. Um. Do we have a character limit here? /should ask the mod

I'm really totally enamored with the concept behind this comm, and am really excited to play in it, so please feel free to come to me with plottig ideas or just "I think these two characters should meet" requests!
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