John Smith (100sofdangers) wrote in disney_high_ooc,
John Smith

Graphics by Gwen

Hey guys! It's Gwen, the mun of John Smith, Martin Brooks, Owen McQueen, Jim Hawkins, Chris Barker, Leo Burbage, Fenrir Pelekai, Milo Thatch, Bob Parr, Woody Morrison Lewis Robinson , Oliver Foxworth and Peter Barrie and I like concept art, pbs and movie quotes.

So, I got bored and started making banners.

Here's the link to the main gallery, where there are banners for most of the characters who have been accepted so far, plus some bonus ones I made for the hell of it and have no affiliation with the game, so feel free to check that out, but here are some examples:




If you'd like one, or if you want me to change the one I've already made for your character, post here with:

PB or PB Image:
Character or Character Image:

If you want to use the image, please credit 1jobonthisship and upload it to your own image hoster.

[who is a girl, btw, despite her all male cast. xD]

I'm also Dimitri Bounine , Kayley Arthurs , Kristofferson Fox , Rocky Rhodes , Manfred Moth , Danny Stewart , Matt Scott , Hogarth Hughes , and Panteleimon Bàn over at animated_high
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