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Hi, everyone.

I'm sorry to say I'm dropping Victoria. Not just from the game, but from LJ in general. She's just...IDK. Maybe I'm too nice? Somewhere down the line I lost her voice. Additionally, I don't know what possessed me to pick the PB I chose, because it's so hard to find icons. ><

I'll probably be back with a different character soon though.

Love you all! :)

A Guide to PB Hunting
srs face.
So, I've been noticing lately that there's been a lot of people asking for help finding pbs for certain characters, and as I'm clearly someone who thinks too much about this kind of thing, I decided I'd write a guide to finding a good pb for this kind of game, pulling a lot of examples from my own characters, Kabby's and some of the other people in the comm. (Don't be offended if I didn't use yours, I feel weird using other people's characters as examples sometimes and needed to stop it from totally exploding length wise. <3 )

Anyways, hopefully this will be helpful for people to look at, and feel free to give me your two cents on the subject, I'm sure there's something I've forgotten to cover.

And without further ado, here's the guide!

How to Find a Good PBCollapse )

Yet another OOC introduction.
Hey, the name's Jordan. Some may recognize me, some may not. I just was approved for Michael's entry into the game. For those not in the know, he's a humanized Mickey Mouse from Kingdom Hearts canon, better known as King Mickey there. I hope to post more and hear from all of you.

SRS Homecoming BZNS: Part One
DaVinci Mouse
Because as everyone knows, Homecoming IS serious business. And the most serious business of all is the matter of the Homecoming Queen and King. SO, it is time for nominations. Comment below with who you think should be named Homecoming Queen and King (comments will be screened). The top two or three names in each category will then be put into a poll for voting.

Yes, you can nominate more than one person for each. No, you cannot self nominate.

Sound good? :D

And from the mist, I appear...
DaVinci Mouse
Sorry if I (and my characters) have seemed a little absent lately, I had a head cold that completely wiped me out. But I'm back now and doing my best now to play catch up with all the holds and applications...

And I'm also going to take a moment to pimp out a brand new community, animated_high. Run by our very own Kabby and Gwen, animated_high is our sister community and is set at Disney High's rival school, Don Bluth High School. This comm is where you can take all of your non-Disney, Western animated film characters and throw them into a high school AU. that we have a rival school...I'm thinking homecoming...


Here, have a master list!
All right, so as some of you may know, I've been putting together a master list of all the characters that people really want to see show up in this here game. :) It's mostly compiled of info from MMW posts, and here's the thing - if there's anyone else you wanna see on the list, go ahead and let me know! Same with if you have any PB suggestions - or if, heck, you decide you wanna take on another muse, let me know so I can take them off the wanted list! xD

Also, I say you all should pimp this and link the list wherever you can. <3

So, here's the link~!

Roll call, anyone?
Oh I like her.
I stole borrowed this idea from another comm I frequent, and since I love getting to know the people I'm playing with (if only to keep everyone straight because I can be a total space cadet sometimes) I thought I'd give this a shot. So, tell the comm about yourself!

Sorry if this is lame or not cool for a non-mod to do, but I thought it'd be fun to see what you all have to say. xD

So, you've come to stare at the Beast, have you?
Beast Within
*Waves.* Hello all! Time for another OOC introduction. I'm Shade, and currently only playing this grumpy fellow here, which seems to make me the oddball out around here, although I am sorely tempted to pick up Genie. Love this idea soooo very much and have been bouncing off the walls nonstop because of it. Just a quick heads up, I know sometimes my tagging seems to lag. It's usually because I'm off in another comm, since I am the main mod for two others, so know I will eventually get around to it. :D If anyone wants to plot or just chat, you can find me on AIM at the username unlimitedbytime. I promise, I don't bite unlike my muse.

I... Have no graphics. Just words.
cue snark
I figure OOC intros gotta start with somebody, right? Well, okay, Gwen covered itntroducing herself, too, but it's gotta be continued by somebody as well.


So hey all. I'm Kabby, aka the neurotic girl. Um... I play City (Mittens) here, Kim Possible, Terri (Terk), New (Nuka), and Wilbur Robinson... With at least one character in the wings. Um. Do we have a character limit here? /should ask the mod

I'm really totally enamored with the concept behind this comm, and am really excited to play in it, so please feel free to come to me with plottig ideas or just "I think these two characters should meet" requests!

Graphics by Gwen
Oh I like her.
Hey guys! It's Gwen, the mun of John Smith, Martin Brooks, Owen McQueen, Jim Hawkins, Chris Barker, Leo Burbage, Fenrir Pelekai, Milo Thatch, Bob Parr, Woody Morrison Lewis Robinson , Oliver Foxworth and Peter Barrie and I like concept art, pbs and movie quotes.

So, I got bored and started making banners.

Here's the link to the main gallery, where there are banners for most of the characters who have been accepted so far, plus some bonus ones I made for the hell of it and have no affiliation with the game, so feel free to check that out, but here are some examples:

picture heavy cut!Collapse )

If you'd like one, or if you want me to change the one I've already made for your character, post here with:

PB or PB Image:
Character or Character Image:

If you want to use the image, please credit 1jobonthisship and upload it to your own image hoster.

[who is a girl, btw, despite her all male cast. xD]

I'm also Dimitri Bounine , Kayley Arthurs , Kristofferson Fox , Rocky Rhodes , Manfred Moth , Danny Stewart , Matt Scott , Hogarth Hughes , and Panteleimon Bàn over at animated_high


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